The random Friday video series: Gary Lauder’s TED talk on saving the world through better traffic signs

TED Global was last week. From 2010, here’s a 4-minute talk by Gary Lauder about the relationship between accidents, real estate, waiting for traffic lights to change, and how to resolve many of these problems with a new traffic sign.

It’s a nice bit of systems thinking. Given how fast Gary talks, I also recommend it as an afternoon adrenaline boost if you’re trying to stay off the caffeine.

“Energy efficiency is not just about the vehicle. It’s also about the road.”


1 Response to “The random Friday video series: Gary Lauder’s TED talk on saving the world through better traffic signs”

  1. 1 Gary Lauder March 11, 2012 at 6:54 pm

    Thanks for sharing this on your blog. I am still looking for a test site. There is a process for innovation of roads and signs that is outlined here:
    and here is a flowchart of the process:
    I believe the ideal environment in which this could be tried would be an island or small town (that’s not near a metropolis) in which almost every driver can get the message as to what the new sign means prior to experiencing it. If it works out well for that town, then larger locations could adopt it with larger public education efforts. It would be a mistake for a town that has a high proportion of drivers from elsewhere to try this out. An early negative experience could cause people to be unwilling to try it again.



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