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The random Friday video series: Gary Lauder’s TED talk on saving the world through better traffic signs

TED Global was last week. From 2010, here’s a 4-minute talk by Gary Lauder about the relationship between accidents, real estate, waiting for traffic lights to change, and how to resolve many of these problems with a new traffic sign.

It’s a nice bit of systems thinking. Given how fast Gary talks, I also recommend it as an afternoon adrenaline boost if you’re trying to stay off the caffeine.

“Energy efficiency is not just about the vehicle. It’s also about the road.”


Random Friday video series: The Wombat

From the Foundation for Global Community, here’s a short and sweet message from 2005.

“The Lorax” Preaches to a New Generation… a reflection on the movie, tonight on….Marketplace?

The Lorax has been turned into a movie. With Danny DeVito voicing the Lorax. In 3-D, no less. Listen tonight on Marketplace to a short but sweet reflection on the original 1971 book four decades later, by Eve Treoh on Marketplace. (I’ve got a small soundbite in the middle of the piece.)

Eve writes for Marketplace’s sustainability desk. The fact that public radio’s premier show on business has  not just an occasional story, not just a stringer, but a full on freaking DESK devoted to sustainability that has been around for several years is a sign of the times…. 

Thanks to global warming, our problems are even bigger than they were in 1971. But the number of people paying attention and putting their hearts and brains and creativity into solving the problems has been biggered as well. And we have many folks to thank for that, including Dr Suess and his fuzzy little friend.

You can read the transcript below, but be sure to tune in!

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