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Tree Music! Turntable Hacked to read music from tree rings

The artist Bartholomäus Traubeck replaced a conventional record needle with a Sony Playstation eye to “read” the rings.

Read the original article here.

Gratuitous Kenya pictures

Thanks to Scancafe, I’m taking a trip down memory lane to 1998, when I was lucky enough to spend a year in East Africa with the National Outdoor Leadership School.

Random Friday Video Series: They Might Be Giants’ “Science is Real!”

One of my all-time favorite science promoting bands. Who doesn’t love “Mammal“, for example?

….if you’re in an edgier mood, check out “I’m a Climate Scientist” (warning: definitely NSFW)

Some of my upcoming 2012 speaking gigs

February 1, San Diego: Green Data Center Conference morning keynote speech. This event features some of the key players in the world of energy efficient data center design & operation.

April 17, New York: The Sustainable Operations Summit. The lineup includes a keynote by Bill Clinton.

May 18-20, My workshop “The Future We Want: A Systems Approach to Growing Sustainable Business” at the gorgeous Esalen retreat facility in Big Sur. Space is limited so register soon!