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Joe Romm of Climate Progress at the Commonwealth Club in SF July 19

Joe Romm is well worth listening to, and reading. Come armed with your most pressing climate questions. The event is here.


Great graphics on green

Excellent post from Greentechmedia today called “Ten Powerpoint Slides that Shook the Earth“.  Energy is such a complex arena that good graphics can really make a difference.

For more good visuals on climate change, see this post by Joe Romm in his consistently useful blog, Climate Progress.

And for Joe’s coverage of Climategate and the infamous “trick” involving the hockeystick graphic, see here.

Jon Stewart brings us eight U.S. presidents in search of an energy policy

In case you missed his show from June 16th, here it is.

Climategate investigation: No fraud involved, scientists found to be “rigorous & honest”, although perhaps a wee bit uncooperative & disorganized

And yet, these findings aren’t getting nearly the press the original leaked emails did ….

See here for CNN story.

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