Friday Video Break: Climate Negotiations, doing the math, & the Violent Femmes

So, it looks like the UNFCC may officially add up climate goals to see how close this gets us to needed targets… at the very least, a working group within UNFCC has formally proposed that this is a really, really good idea. After a very long evening, someone is pulling out the calculator and saying, “Hey. everybody! how about we tally up the bill?”

In a world where, increasingly, sustainability is a math problem, this is a big deal. Bill McKibben pointed out the unprecedented importance of negotiators understanding the physics, or at least the math, behind what is at stake for the future of climate change.

In honor of Friday,  the UNFCC, and for fans of 80’s music everywhere, here’s “Add it Up”. Warning: not for any really, really geeky small children who are reading this blog, or the sensitive. Contains foul language.

Now if I can only figure out how to work Blister in the Sun into a post ….


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