A big couple of weeks for mainstreaming green…

First, the SEC continues to clarify their instructions that publicly traded companies must report on climate risk. (The SEC. Not the EPA, not FOE, not EDF, not NRDC….. S.E.C.)

Then, some new federal rules are proposed for Mandatory Greenhouse Gas reporting for large emitters.

Two weeks ago, Intel amends its charter and creates a Board Committe on sustainability,  calling it a “fiduciary responsibility”.

This has been gaining traction for a while. CFO Lauralee Martin of Jones Lang LaSalle, a major property management company, was profiled here in CFO magazine about the business case for green.

These are not small, privately held, niche entities selling green to a very small market segment.

So, are the treehuggers coming out of the forests and in to the boardrooms/C-suite? Or is this even more of a sea change?


1 Response to “A big couple of weeks for mainstreaming green…”

  1. 1 E April 16, 2010 at 10:13 am

    Sometimes, when I read about corporations going all greenish, I feel cynical, thinking, “Pshaw, they just want more profit, and a better way to sell their products to the public, who wants an easy way to feel better about themselves and their lack of substantial contributions.” On one hand, actually *buying* something doesn’t make you more green, though that’s the message that sometimes goes out. Reducing consumption does help.

    On the other hand, *I* belong to a major corporation, and have belonged to several in my lifetime, and notice that the green push is most often backed by employees who care, who get together and show management that they can save money in things like composting their trash and stocking the breakroom with reusable items, as well as starting to look at more sustainable packaging options for the products they push.

    I’ve worked at a major branding firms, and have, over and over again, heard more people ask us to focus on the most sustainable ways to produce their things, even when it comes to company stationery.

    So, however it’s happening, I think it’s a sea change.

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