Climate Interactive: a small team of climate modelers keep score

….So,  if you’re experiencing bracket withdrawal, you may be in search of a replacement set of stats to obsess over. I highly recommend obsessing over these numbers.

The team that created the climate model C-ROADS did a heroic job at Copenhagen of tracking the negotiations and letting us know how the proposed goals for reduction actually match up to the science, in a highly transparent, easy-to-understand, updatable manner.

It’s a bit like the person who volunteers to tally up the restaurant bill for 192 people at the end of the evening…and then keeps patiently, persistently announcing that everyone needs to chip in more cash.

For a regularly-updated tracking, see below:

[clearspring_widget title=”Climate Scoreboard” wid=”4b0afdf054484c54″ pid=”4bbc94fb028e06de” width=”530″ height=”470″ domain=””]


1 Response to “Climate Interactive: a small team of climate modelers keep score”

  1. 1 E April 7, 2010 at 8:14 pm

    Looking at the scoreboard, something seems extremely glaringly obvious to me. To continue your dinner tally metaphor, it’s like everyone’s trying to sneak off without paying, and someone is going to get stuck with this dreadful bill they can’t pay.

    It seems like it’s going to end up that the entire planet is going to be in the kitchen working overtime.

    But put simply: the gap between the goals and what’s proposed seems ludicrously inadequate.

    What can be done to close it? Is this really he best we can do?

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