RMI Blog Post on corporate clean power deals

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“Clean Cloud” on The Commonwealth Club’s Climate One: Yahoo, Greenpeace, EBay, and Facebook talk to host Greg Dalton

We met up March 3rd (my 2nd day back at work!) and taped this before a live (and lively) audience at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. You can listen to the podcast here.



Upcoming speaking engagements….

Just back from maternity leave, and looking at a busy spring. Here’s some of my upcoming gigs.

Infocast’s Grid Transformation Summit , 27-29 April, is a guaranteed to be stimulating, no-holds-barred geekfest if US electrical grid is your thing. Our panel is “Integrating Assets at the Edge of the Grid—Incorporating Behind the Meter Assets in Grid Operations”.

2-4 June I’ll be at the 2015 Data Cloud Congress Europe, speaking on “Energy Efficiency & the Cloud”.

More to follow soon!

Still room in my September 27-29 Workshop in Big Sur on Systems thinking and Sustainability!

Check out the catalog for registration info:

The Future We Want: A Systems Approach to Growing Sustainable Business

Is “green” always more expensive? Does a financially healthy company have to exploit the environment? Does success at work have to mean an ecologically and emotionally unsustainable personal life? And how is the growing field of clean technology solving—or contributing to—all of these problems? How are personal journeys and systems thinking woven in to this process?

This workshop will feature examples from the front lines of corporate sustainability, including what has worked and what remains a work-in-progress, while inviting participants to share their own experiences and brainstorm ideas for a sustainable future. Drawing upon the fields of systems thinking, organizational learning, and ecology, we will seek to come up with a better understanding of what sustainability could look like in the business sector and in our personal lives.

The workshop is geared toward individuals who are interested in learning more about sustainability and business innovation as well as exploring their own ideas with others. We will use tools and examples from the innovation of Silicon Valley, the energy efficiency and business acumen of Rocky Mountain Institute, and the organizational learning and systems-thinking work of Peter Senge and Dana Meadows.

The random Friday video series: We’re NASA and we know it

In honor of Endeavor’s last flight, and Curiosity’s continued journey……

And now for something completely different in energy efficiency… Green Revolution’s Carnotjet cools servers by submerging them in oil

Center for Environmental Health, the toxics shell game, and places to intervene in the system

I’ve been traveling a lot the last 8 weeks (here and here) and getting ready for my upcoming Esalen workshop, so except for tweets I have not been writing much!

A shout-out to Oakland-based Center for Environmental Health and its Executive Director Michael Green for their great work at getting toxic substances out of our products and our neighborhoods for over 15 years. Michael recently published a great article in Huffington Post on the problem of the toxics shell game. The problem is as follows: ban a known toxic substance, and frequently the replacement will be a chemical that’s less well-known, not yet regulated, and harmful in a whole new set of ways.

The solution? More comprehensive regulation of all chemicals, like the Safe Chemicals Act, and requirements for better transparency.

All of this reminds me of systems thinker Dana Meadows’ classic essay, Places to Intervene in a System. She lists out a series of leverage points from least effective to most powerful. At the bottom of her list in effectiveness is just changing the numbers…. parts per million of allowable lead, percentage of the budget in this or that category, et cetera.

At the top of the list are: changing the rules of the system, and more importantly, changing the mindsets and paradigms that created the system  in the first place. This is ideas like comprehensive legislation around chemicals (where we refuse to play the toxic shell game in the first place); or the concept of the benefit corporation  and the great work of the B-Lab (which posit the idea that a business should have purpose and responsibility to society that equals or trumps increasing short-term shareholder wealth).

We need more ideas like these, and we need them fast.

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